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Glenda Martin has been an answer to prayer! In Spring 2010, I was first introduced to "Just for You" Massage Therapy with a gift certificate from my mom. I am a regular now, and so is my husband. I have been on Glenda's books twice a month since May 2010 and my husband goes once a month. He doesn't like doctors, let alone chiropractors, but he will sing Glenda's praises from the mountain tops for what she has been able to do for his back pain. The rest of our family is under regular chiropractic care as I firmly believe that the BODY is the miracle. Far too many people take better care of their cars than they do their mind, body, and spirit. With an hour on Glenda's table, my mind, body and spirit are ALL improved upon!

Would I recommend "Just for You" Massage? ABSOLUTELY! I already do, and send Glenda new clients regularly because THEY need it and she is SO worth it! Do yourself a favor and get on her schedule regularly too. Be PROACTIVE about your health.        Your body will thank you.
   Denai of Groom, TX
  (AKA "The Networking Queen")


After having a knee replacement in August 2010 the therapy I was taking to get my knee back to "normal" caused my back to be irritated causing my sciatic nerve in my right hip to have excruciating pain even after 2 visits to my back Dr. and an injection in my hip I had no relief so a friend mentioned a massage, so I got an appt. with my friend at JFY. It has been an answered prayer.  The massages have helped me, after my first one I could tell it was easing up now I am headed to my third one --sitting here thinking the pain is on a slight stage instead of on the crying stage so I am a firm believer that the professional that she is knows what and where I needed the area concentrated on...thank you JFY for helping me return to a good life.

  Cindy of Amarillo, TX


A complete workover from head to toe!  A good massage helps to relieve the muscles and relaxes you all at the same time.  I always feel so good when it is over!                  

Jan of Amarillo, TX

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