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15-MINUTE CHAIR MASSAGE:  A clothed, seated stress buster concentrating on neck, shoulders and back. $15
30-MINUTE SPOT MASSAGE:  A 30-minute massage with focus on upper body areas such as neck, shoulders and/or back. $35
45-MINUTE SPOT MASSAGE:  A 45-minute table massage with the focus on upper body concentrating on problem areas such as neck, shoulders and/or back. $50
60-MINUTE FULL-BODY MASSAGE:  A 60-minute full-body table massage for relaxation, pain relief, and/or stress reduction. $65
90-MINUTE FULL-BODY MASSAGE:  A 90-minute full-body table massage with additional work on specific problem areas such as neck, shoulders, and back. $90
FOOT REFLEXOLOGY:  A 30-minute foot treatment with the purpose of stimulating reflex points corresponding to every organ in the body. $35
PREGNANCY MASSAGE:  A 60-minute full-body table massage for the mother-to-be. Relieves pain and stress in feet, legs, neck and back with side positioning to ease tension in low back without putting pressure on the stomach area. $65
AROMATOUCH TECHNIQUE:  A 45-60 minute table massage using the application of eight essential oils one at a time along the back and feet. The oils chosen are selected for their properties; in bringing the body back into balance, inflammation reduction, immunity enhancement, and stress reduction. Client may feel re-energized approximately 1 hour after treatment.  $80
 HOT STONE MASSAGE:  A 60-minute table massage intensified with deep penetrating heat from river stones used throughout the full-body massage.  $80

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